New to Unity?

The Unity of Vancouver Spiritual Center is one of Vancouver’s most progressive New Thought communities.

We provide a broad range of spiritually based programs and services including: dynamic Sunday services featuring excellent music, positive, practical and enlightening messages. We also provide a wide variety of classes and workshops for those just beginning their spiritual quest as well as those who have been studying for years. We have outstanding child care, a great bookstore and a loving prayer ministry.

Unity of Vancouver is a 100% inclusive spiritual community and we reserve the right to accept absolutely everybody.

We understand those who consider themselves spiritual more than religious and our teachings help people transform their lives in dramatic ways. We offer a safe and sacred place to connect with a deep sense of purpose and awaken personally as we help in the healing and betterment of our world.

Our Mission
“Empowering people and transforming our world through Mystical Christianity.”

mys·ti·cal (mst-kl)
adj. Of, relating to, or stemming from direct communion with ultimate reality or God: a mystical experience.