Highlighting our ‘Volunteer of the Month’ 


This month our ‘Thank You’ is for Jan Roscovich.  Jan has been creating stunning graphics for Unity for 7 years, showcasing our Sunday talks and special events.  

In March Jan come on board officially as Unity’s Marketing Communications Coordinator/Graphic Designer.  We are very grateful for the extra volunteer hours that Jan puts in every week, designing brilliant marketing materials and passionately broadcasting through various communication channels what Unity is all about.

. . .

Unity Centre is committed to helping our volunteers progress on their spiritual path.  Sacred Service, serving Spirit by serving the community where you are spiritually nourished, is one of the most valuable ways to not only grow spiritually, but to deepen friendships, develop leadership skills and become part of a vital team.  And it’s FUN!

Visit our website for more information about volunteering.  Depending on your interests and skills, consider taking part on a one time, occasional, or regular basis.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

~ William Shakespeare


CONTACT Unity Volunteer Coordinator Fern Logan if you would like to join our team! 

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