Bring Forth Divine Remembrance

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Wednesday Evenings from 7:00pm – 9:00pm

June 7th through July 5th

with Rev. Bruce Kellogg

Suggested donation/love offering:  $10.00 per class/per person


Description:  For as long as I can remember I have heard a subtle bell ringing in consciousness calling me to the divine.  At times, listening to this call while living a human life has been a struggle.  Perhaps this is not a foible or fault, but rather a process of gradual revealing and incorporation, a way of life that in essence transforms brain-mind orientation and identification with eternal recollection and practical application.

Each of us is continually being reminded of our divine origins and our eternal identity, and each of us is endeavoring to live in accord with those promptings. “Grounded in Eternity” is a class that is intended to bring forth divine remembrance through the study of Unity and other teachings and honest “on the path” dialogue.

Class Intention:  This 5 week class will be dedicated to each participant’s “earthing” of their eternal nature into daily life and declaration of their life’s purpose.

Class method: A drawing from ancient and contemporary teachings followed by quality, interactive dialogue and meditation.

Where: Unity of Vancouver Spiritual Centre

Curriculum Requirements: An open mind and heart and a willingness to let go of what you know is no longer working so what you are can come forth into greater expression.