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Tuesdays from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Facilitator:  Margaret McLeod, Retired Psychologist

Unity’s +55 Zone is a social/spiritual group for like-minded people, who have time during the day to come together and share their life’s journey and spiritual experiences. The core intention will be to create a space for connection, community and belonging.

The focus will be on activities for energetic and meditation practices which enhance spiritual awareness, intuition and connection to Spirit and the Divine, such as breath work, visualization, music, and inner reflection.

It is a drop in class.  Come when you can.

Delve into the mystery, expand your consciousness, refine your own spiritual practices – out of the head and into the body, energy field and the soul self.
Open your heart to yourself.
Open your hearts to each other.
Open your heart to Spirit and the Divine.
Open the doors to your own spiritual self.

Let us know you are coming by email at, by leaving a message at 604-266-6281, or by sign-up sheet at the Unity Spiritual Centre.


April 25

Love in the 21st Century
     –  Looking for it
     –  Looking after it if you have it
     –  Looking after yourself if you lose it

Topics for May classes include:

Personality and Spirituality
–  May 2:   Getting Energy
–  May 9:   Approach to Life
–  May 16: Making Decisions
–  May 23: Getting Things Done
–  May 29: Putting It All Together