“Conscious Conversations” and “The Power of Three”


Wednesday August 28th, 2019
7:30pm to 9:00pm
presented on a donation/ offering basis

This is an evening for ALL!  Connect in a relaxed, welcoming and fun environment.

This Presentation and Participation is an evening presenting three engaging messages to encourage connection to our Body, Mind & Spirit

The evening will include three prepared, inspiring messages from three speakers who have recently participated in a TEDX stage event.  Each short talk will encourage and engage listening that will invoke deep awareness of our own personal experiences and connections.

The evening offers and includes:
    –  Three 12-minute talks
    –  An opportunity for Q&A about the message given by each speaker
    –  An opportunity to engage with other attendees in conversation about each of the 12-minute talks

As we consciously experience our world with others, it encourages us to deepen our internal awareness which sparks insights, observations and connection with self and others.
“Conscious Conversations … communication through face-to-face connections.”



Born in Vancouver, Janet lives life fully and feels the deep connection to all people, nature and the world at large. She has a background in transformational education and the creative arts.  As a communicator and conduit in body/mind/spirit connection, she is passionate about the transformative potential that dwells in each person.

Janet is an Inspirational Speaker and TEDX presenter working in the healing arts.  She is currently working in the health care field and is a consciousness teacher, planting seeds of empathy in our ‘family forest’, building strong roots and giving all of us the right medicine needed to flourish together GLOBALLY.

Her talk entitled, “THE BOND” will empower you to do the one thing you can do – “Connect, Communicate and Be a Conduit with each other “



Noel Bentley is a speaker, writer and humourist who strives to engage, challenge and entertain his audiences.  As a recent TEDX emcee, he currently is the Program Coordinator and emcee for the upcoming TEDX Bear Creek Park.  Noel is also launching a new public speaking venture. He is committed to facilitating connection in all his relationships 

He will inspire you with his talk entitled “FOURTH TIME’S A CHARM“



Roy Campbell is an Inspirational Speaker, TEDx presenter, Youth Worker

and an ex-professional Rugby Player.  His life journey has taken him from being involved in the gang lifestyle on the tough streets of Manchester, England to having his rugby career prematurely cut short after suffering a broken neck injury.  Having spent many years undergoing major surgeries, rehabilitation, and dealing with mental health issues, against all odds, he became an ultra-endurance athlete who has run in some of the world’s toughest foot races including Sahara Desert, Amazon Jungle, and the Ironman World Championship.  He was also nominated for the “Courage to Come Back Award”.  He highly attributes his recovery to the power of having a positive human connection around him and in his current career as an Inspirational Speaker, he takes every opportunity to share this with everyone.

His talk will empower you to “CONNECT NOW“


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