with Piano Virtuoso

Lori-Ann Speed

Friday, September 20th at 7:30pm

Unity Centre for Awakening, 5840 Oak Street, Vancouver

— By Donation —

Join Lori-Ann on one of her signature music journeys, this time into the heart of being a human.

She writes, “I present music in the ancient way, as a transformational vehicle, not merely as entertainment.  Music has long been understood to open inner doorways of insights, healing, compassion and communion.  It is a language of intuition heard by our hearts.” 

Through poetic spoken word and original piano compositions, ponder the meaning of life while enjoying a magical journey to the beauty of your soul and beyond.


“Listening to Lori Ann’s music and words in a live performance was one of the most profound and transforming experiences of my life. She guided me into the core of my being. It was a healing journey that delighted my soul and it left me with a powerful sense of renewal.”      — John Stoddart

“Lori-Ann Speed’s music is sublime.  Her words provide the guidance for the sophisticated piano pieces to take you into a deep, living meditation, trickling, skipping and thundering through your soul.”      — Beverley Elliott

“Opened the portals of beauty.   Wow! Magnificent. That Steinway was singing for its life.”      — Kolin Lymworth, Founder, Banyen Books & Sound

Unity of Vancouver
5840 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: (604) 266-6281