“BE MORE BY MORINING”  – An Intro to “Dominance Theory”

You feel it! A grander, more healthy, more purposeful, more joyful, and more connected ‘You’ is standing just out of reach.  After Sunday service on November 18th, join in a fun, laughter filled afternoon where you learn to use Dr. McKinnon’s unique model and process to dive into the mysterious aspects of You that are waiting to be seen and lived.

Calgary-based Dr. Margot McKinnon (PhD) is author of the book The Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Oneness Dominance Theory: A guide to elevating your 5 dimensions of self.  Having stepped away from her teaching career, Margot recently earned her doctorate from the University of Oxford. Her thesis developed an action plan for implementing the concept of spirituality into Alberta public schools. Dr. Margot offers retreats, workshops, and one-to-one mentoring for people who know they are enough, but who want to step into their More. 

See Dr. Margot’s website www.drmargotmckinnon.com for more information.  She can be reached by email drmargotmckinnon@gmail.com or 403.463.2675 to purchase a book or schedule an appointment.

About: Margot was born with a natural ability to connect with a spiritual realm.  She regularly saw spirits, had visions, heard voices, experienced mental telepathy, and had ‘luck’ drop into her life when she needed it most. Margot never hid the fact that a spiritual dimension guides her everyday life.  She feels compelled to add, “I am not religious.”

Dr Margot McKinnin earned her doctorate from the University of Oxford.  Her goal was to ground the concept of spirituality and speak articulately about it to any audience, including health care, social work, and education. When asked, “Do you have the science to back up your abilities?”  she answers, “I am not here to convince anyone of anything.  My mission is to help people recover their spiritual self that has withered in a Body/Mind world.”  

Margot is well aware of the significance of science.  Brain science shows what we have known all along. Research demonstrates that exploring your relationship to something bigger, whether this is God, a greater source energy, or a larger meaning and purpose than everyday life, contributes to resiliency, deeper life satisfaction, and supports Darwin’s theory of ‘survival of the fittest’.  Indeed, she joined this group of scholars with her ground-breaking book The Exquisiteness of Being Human: The body, mind, spirit, soul dominance theory.