The Incredible Path to Wholeness; An Evening with Modern Mystic Mary Reed

Mary Reed will offer a glimpse into her highly unusual life and share Divine wisdom that startles the mind while joyfully uplifting the heart.

Using only the mystical lens, Mary will lead us through humanity’s evolutionary path, with an emphasis on deeper understandings of Words and Oneness that can help us participate in the creation of the life we REALLY want. She will also share a powerful exercise to help us experience the realization of Oneness within — taking us out of our framework of beliefs and into the direct knowing within.

Guests will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive signed copies of her award-winning book, Unwitting Mystic, after the talk.

Mary Reed is an “accidental" modern mystic who grew up devoutly agnostic. In 2011 she left her executive life in Washington, DC for a monastic life in the Himalayas after struggling for eleven years with the impact of veering uncontrollably into otherworldly realms encountering God, Jesus, Buddha, angels and unfathomable wisdom. These events finally turned her life inside out, and now when not living in the remote Buddhist nunnery she calls home in India, Mary travels the world detailing profound mystical insights that reveal wildly inspiring — and sorely needed — perspectives that shed new light on the significance of these extraordinary times.