FROM METAPHYSICS to MYSTICISM – 5 Week Class with Rev. Bruce

  Metaphysics to Mysticism 575_1From Metaphysics to Mysticism with Rev. Bruce Kellogg: Wednesday Evenings, April 11 – May 9 from 7:30 – 9 p.m. As a faith tradition, Unity is essentially a system of teachings that promotes an alignment with what the co-founders called the "truth of being." This truth is in some ways a mystery to our brain, our senses and to the self of common conditions of day-to-day living. Nevertheless, the teachings promote that this being and being-ness resides in each man and woman on the planet, and it is our task to awaken from the chronic limitations of identifying with being "only human" and move toward a conscious union with one's own essential, eternal nature. The mysterious truth of us is that we are divine humans, and this integration of the seeming two into one is what lies before us as well as within us. What we call metaphysics is the study of Self that leads to embracing our divine humanity. We realize that we are what we have been looking for, and it becomes our joy to express what we have discovered. As the mysteries of Self become increasingly known, we live more and more from this knowledge in the world. “From Metaphysics to Mysticism” is a 5-week course offering a dynamic process of integration through the application of metaphysical principles in a practical way, so as to awaken the mystical divinity that lies within each of us. What to bring: A willing spirit and "beginners mind" that is desirous of the unification of all parts of being. Together we will prepare the vessel of self in order to be filled with a fuller understanding of what and who we are as dynamic spiritual beings. By donation.