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Art Exhibit by MYRA EADIE

An exhibit of over 22 watercolor mixed media painting inspired by nature, the imagination and sacred geometry.

Lower Foyer of Unity Centre
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Myra has a BEd and Visual MA in Art Education and has taught Art and Art Education for 30 years in secondary schools and at universities in BC and Quebec.  She currently teaches Sacred Geometry and Mandala classes privately in my own studio.

If art is the visual entrance into the mystery of creation, then for me, the mandala form has become the ultimate portal.  The word Mandala is derived from the root, “manda ,” which means essence.  Its’ circular form symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and time, orbiting a center, as the earth orbits the sun, but with a different perspective with each evolution/revolution.  Due to its rhythmic nature, mandala creating and contemplating can be a deeply grounding and meditative experience.  The creator and the viewer can take the deep journey to the center of both the mandala and of one’s self.

For me a practical attraction to the small mandala circle form was prompted by a serious health crisis.  I was challenged 12 years ago to find a radical alternative to my large multimedia pieces and installations. I found myself on an unexpected spiritual and artistic journey which lifted me into renewed health, renewed trust in my intuition, and awe at the patterns underlying all things.

Prior to this series of works, I’d taken deep dive into Sacred Geometry, starting with the feminine circle and spiral we see everywhere in nature: in the single cell; in flowers and planets; ferns and galaxies, eventually discovering the Flower of Life …the ancient pattern of circles from which every geometric shape and  platonic solid arises.

Leonardo da Vinci, along with many artists and philosophers once studied the Flower of Life, and from it they drew out the masculine mathematical properties such as the 5 main geometric shapes, the platonic solids, the torus, and the golden ratio of phi. It was with this rich tool chest of ancient knowledge and geometric symbols and shapes, along with my own intuition, that I created these free form mandalas where the masculine and feminine shapes enter a “dance of duality.”  Watercolor with its ability to flow organically & merge complementary colors became the perfect medium.

I began with the works like “Heart of Gaia” and “Centered”, where lines swirl in spirals from a soft pulsing center to the crystalline mountains and trees at the rim. Wanting to create more contrast, balance and grounding, I began interweaving more masculine shapes, such as the inverted triangle or star as in the pieces “Bird Song” and “Spring Unravelling.” In “Stanza from The Flower” the nautilus spiral is born from within the 6-pointed star while The Flower of Life pattern shimmers from behind. In “Night Flight” and “Crop Circles” a more cosmic dance of opposites is inspired by the mysterious sacred geometry of crop circles found all over the world.

When I look back, I recognize my artistic process was greatly nurtured and supported by my University Art Teacher and mentor, Bob Steele. He drew from Jung ’s understanding of the preconscious mind and encouraged in his student’s personal authentic imagery. D. Melchizedek and others took me on a journey into Sacred Geometry, the “Flower of Life “and its long 1000-year history as a creation pattern …shrouded in secrecy until recently. Then there was artist and author Judith Cornell with her book “Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing”, who inspired me to discover the connection between the spiritual art of the mandala, quantum physics, kundalini yoga and transpersonal psychology. These individuals have enabled me to deeply connect with spirit and ancient knowledge and to bring it to life. Thank you for enriching my spiritual journey and my art.

Like many of us, I long for harmony in a frenzied and divided world, where separation and the degradation of the earth and its inhabitants stare us in the face. Working on my Mandala forms where complementary colors dance and overlap, feminine and masculine forms interconnect, and archetypal forms emerge, a sense of joy, magic and inner peace flowered within me and inspired hope that we can find our way back home. I hope these works bring light and inspire hope and harmony in you as well.

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