The Unity Movement affirms that healing can take place from a distance. There is a principle that states "energy follows thought, and thought directs life energy." As we quicken and mature in consciousness, we may become aware of how "holding space" for others and for the planet is a great action of service. Our intention may move from "I, me mine", to "we, us, ours." 

Sujith Ravindran special guest May 30

Our purpose broadens and is mindful, not only of the human family's well-being, but also the collective health and vitality of our physical home, planet Earth.

During the last two weeks in May, our Wednesday night gathering will be dedicated to the upliftment, healing, and well-being of our planet and all life upon it. It is a way that you can powerfully create a difference in consciousness and assist with "breakthrough" living for the good of all. On May 30th we will welcome special guest speaker and author of The 7 Mystical Laws of Abundance,  Sujith Ravindran, to participate in our topic.  Come and join us ~ Love Offering ~