Who is Roy Prevost?  (See

Roy Prevost is an international speaker, best selling author and a futurist who studies disruptive technologies and the effect on human behavior. He is the author of the soon-to-be-launched book “Anxiety Begone: Drug Free Strategies to Banish Anxiety from Your Life”.

As an anxiety sufferer, he has studied anxiety and has developed strategies and tactics on how to diminish anxiety in his life and he teaches attendees “how” to think and not “what” to think.

Is this workshop for you?

This workshop is for you if you are looking for ways to diminish
anxiety in your life. You will receive useful tips and strategies
to help you remain serene when all about you appears chaotic
and unpredictable.
This is not simply a feel-good workshop. It is aimed at helping you
to view your world differently and make sense of it all.

If You Feel:

• Your world is out of control
• You are in a state of perpetual worry and fear
• The world, in general, is filled with negativity
• You are addicted to your hand-held devices
• You can’t seem to get ‘ahead’ of it all
• You are getting increasingly more negative as time goes by

Then this no-nonsense workshop is for your team. It is packed with
ideas and concepts that highlight the thought change required in the
new world environment of the 21st Century.

The Workshop Covers the Following 6 Areas:

1. Controlling Your Controllables
What can you control and influence

2. Practice ‘Selective Ignorance’
You do not need to know everything about everything

3. Eliminating the FOMO (fear of missing out) syndrome
Contrary to public belief, you will not miss much

4. The importance of MORNING and EVENING rituals
This activity will anchor you and give you stability and predictability

5. The need to practice SELF CARE and MINDFULNESS
Learning to ‘observe’ rather than ‘judging’

6. Why MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGES are not a sign of weakness
It is time to be supportive and keep an eye on each other

All attendees will leave this life transforming event with:
• An understanding that they are responsible for their own self care.
• A simple process to gain perspective in their daily lives
• An awareness of how the media promotes fear and anxiety
• A feeling of confidence that they can handle most challenges in their world
• Tools and strategies to create routines and rituals that will benefit them day to day
• Permission to reach out if they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed
• The knowledge that ‘mental self care’ has nothing to do with being macho and that no one is immune to the mental and emotional challenges that might occur in your life.

This is a FREE workshop.  Donations welcomed.