Serge Mazerand, Renowned Pianist, Composer, Recording Artist and Author is playing a benefit concert in support of Unity of Vancouver.

In 2017, Serge and his wife Pilly experienced a challenge that seemed insurmountable. While struggling with the uncertainty of the situation, Serge and his wife spent time at Unity and with its beloved Minister Rev. Bruce Kellogg.

Unity was founded on the truth and power of silent prayer. Co-founder Myrtle Fillmore herself discovered the unbelievable power of prayer, leading to her overcoming a life-threatening health issue. Myrtle went on to use the power of prayer and affirmation to help many others overcome challenging health issues.

Less than a year later, Philly’s prognosis is excellent and Serge is certain that the time spent within the Unity of Vancouver Spiritual Community had an impact. This concert is Serge’s way of saying a most heartfelt “Thank You”.

Serge will not take a performance fee in the hopes that those who attend do so with the desire to not only share in the beauty of what Serge has to offer, but do so in support of all of the great work Unity does for the community. 100% of the proceeds from every $15 ticket purchased will go directly to Unity of Vancouver.

Join Serge as he performs a musical program featuring pieces from classical composers Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt, Schubert, Debussy and more…including Serge’s soul-soothing improvisations.

We invite you to share in the energy and spirit of what is sure to be a wonderful evening.