SISTER LUCY, SUNDAY OCTOBER 28:  Sunday talk at 11 a.m. followed by afternoon workshop from 1:15 – 4:15 p.m.

Love is my Religion: Inspiring refuge for battered women of all religions in India

Sr. Lucy Kurien was born in Kerala, South India, and is founder of Maher, an interfaith and caste-free organization that provides shelter and rehabilitation to destitute and battered women, children, and men. Maher has established 44 homes across India, where nearly 900 children and more than 350 women are residents. A devoted Catholic nun, Sister Lucy created Maher as an interfaith organization that honors all religions.

Founded in 1997, Maher established 44 homes across India that provides shelter and rehabilitation to more than 900 children, 85 men and 350 women. Another 3,000 women and 4,000 children have been rehabilitated at Maher, which also serves hundreds of local villages. Maher utilizes numerous advanced technologies for ecological sustainability, and is a remarkably successful interfaith community where Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, etc. all live together in loving harmony. Maher was rated as one of the top ten NGOs by “India NGO Awards” and Sr. Lucy has received dozens of awards for her work, including the Nari Shakti Puraskar award from the President of India in 2015.

A tragic event forced Sr. Lucy to take action, leading to the creation of Maher. Over the years, Sr. Lucy has overcome countless challenges as she strives to live a path of service and create this inclusive community that welcomes the poor, abandoned, destitute, neglected, and abused in society—regardless of race, religion, caste, or economic status. Despite widespread religious and caste-based tension and division, Maher welcomes people from all religions and faiths – Indeed, dealing with difficulties has shown that interfaith is the best way for communities to stay united.

Following Sr. Lucy’s Sunday morning talk, she will lead a participatory workshop, sharing inspirational stories from the Maher interfaith community and inclusive wisdom teachings on practicing selfless service in daily life. The teachings and practices Sister Lucy offers encourage and support us all to put into living practice love and service to the Divine.

Elements of afternoon workshop will focus on:

Inspiring stories from Maher and the beauty of interfaith spirituality in India; Selfless service in action; Interfaith meditation practices; Interactive small group; Engaging inquiry; and plenary questions and responses.

This is a FREE event. Donations welcomed.