A Day with Ellen Hayakawa at Unity of Vancouver ~ Sunday, August 19

Sunday Service at 11 a.m. “Is God Calling You? ~ Fulfilling your Life Purpose”

Are you living your purpose and divinely inspired vision? Join special guest Ellen Hayakawa, author and recognized expert on the subject of spirituality at work and in life purpose, for a day of exploring the path to a more fulfilling life of divine creativity and sharing your gifts in the service of others.

During her presentation, Ellen will share…

- Why now more than any other time in history, it’s important for members of the Centre to live their divinely inspired life purpose and visions

-  Sharing the story of myself and others being tired, depressed, stuck, and feeling soul dead and what it takes to get unstuck and fulfill our life purpose

-  Exciting real life examples “Divine Miracles” and synchronicities that happen when we are in alignment with fulfilling our mission, purpose, vision

-  Helping those in the congregation to feel that exciting possibilities and depth of fulfillment that awaits each one of them with radical self-exploration of their soul and spirit and acknowledging their own truth

-  Providing each with hope and inspiration that it’s fully possible for them to discover their sacred purpose, vision and work and live it, even if they’ve struggled with it thus far

Workshop Follow-up to Talk:  1:15 – 3:15 – Lower Level – By donation   More information/flyer

The 5 Step Blueprint to Discovering the Joyful, Juicy Divinely Inspired Work Workshop

Who this experiential workshop is for:

-  You’re stuck in your work or are struggling to get clear on your life purpose or you feel like you’re not using even an iota of your gifts and talents and that's frustrating or

-  A holistic practitioner or healer and you feel you could have more abundant prosperity (including financial) or

-  You want to do richly rewarding, meaningful, joyful work and feel like “WOW, I’m so excited this is the work I came to the planet to do!”

What participants will learn:

-  The 3 myths that keep people stuck in jobs or work that they are no longer passionate about and where you’re not expressing all your gifts and talents - experiential exercises included

-  The #1 Greatest Gift that will catapult you into living your purpose so you feel that you’re doing meaningful, soul-satisfying work

-  A simple clear 5 Step Blueprint to Creating the Joyful Divinely Inspired Work you Love so that you can be excited, joyful and physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fulfilled

-  The Four Divinely Inspired Pillars of Work and why knowing them will support and accelerate you doing your divinely inspired work and creating a life of abundant physical, mental, emotional and spiritual prosperity

-  How To Discover Your True Life Purpose

Results for Participants: Greater courage, confidence and motivation to live their life purpose. Each participant will come away knowing the exact steps they need to take to discover their purpose and to consciously co-create with God their vision of work

At the close of the workshop, participants will be offered a FREE “Discover your Life Purpose Now Session”, (a private session with Ellen), if they qualify via the answers on their application.

Ellen Hayakawa, author of The Inspired Organization: Spirituality and Energy at Work and co-author with Neale Donald Walsch, John Gray, Bruce Lipton, Joan Borysenko, Thich Nhat Han of Amazon bestseller and voted best inspirational spiritual book of the year, Healing the Heart of the World.  . Ellen is a recognized expert and keynote speaker in spirituality at work and life purpose sharing the same platform other teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Robert Gass and Janet Bray-Attwood.  She’s given the message of expressing your life purpose and spirituality at work to millions via radio, television, newspapers, telesummits and social media. Ellen has coached hundreds of clients to discover and fulfill their life purpose by cocreating their divinely inspired vision of work through deep inner listening to their spiritual gifts.  www.EllenHayakawa.com