Will Keepin 575

The Science of Universal Love in World Religions: 11 a.m. talk with Guest Will Keepin, PhD

Remarkable parallel insights across the scriptures and mystics of the major world religions suggest that a universal path of the heart exists at the foundation of all spiritual paths.  Scientific breakthroughs in quantum physics, relativity theory, and fractal geometry shed new light on the transcendent unity of all religions, revealing how the Infinite can be contained within the finite. This sheds light on the mystery of ‘Made in the image of God’ means that the very essence of God is contained deep within the heart of every human being.

Afternoon Workshop: Transforming Patriarchy: from Gender Oppression to Beloved Community  with Will Keepin and Cynthia Brix

Revelations of rampant sexual harassment are emerging in virtually every segment of our society, and spiritual and religious communities are no exception.  Can women and men ever heal this mess?  YES!—but not through blame and shame.  Both women and men have been profoundly betrayed by patriarchal conditioning, and only by bringing them together can this longstanding sexual exploitation and gender oppression be transformed—systematically and permanently.

This workshop presents inspiring results from a 25-year project that has brought thousands of women and men together in nine countries, with dramatic results of healing and reconciliation across the gender divisions in the human family.  Engaging experiential exercises will give participants a glimpse of this promising work and its power to transform dysfunctional gender relations into respectful, beloved community between the sexes.

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