STEVEN HALPERN – Grammy Nominated recording Artist

STEVEN HALPERN is a Grammy nominated #1 best-selling composer, recording artist, producer, author and researcher. A founder of New Age healing music, hes been an "evolutionary activist for inner peace and mindfulness through music for over 40 years. STEVEN HALPERN's music supports our innate intelligence for self-healing, and to make conscious contact with Source. CDs will be available at a special discount at both his events. We invite you to join us for this music & healing Friday evening concert and Saturday workshop!

UNITY EVENT: An Evening of Healing, Music and Mindfulness with STEVEN HALPERN

DATE: Friday September 28th

TIME: 7:30 - 9:30 pm

TICKETS: $20 adv/$25  through Brown Paper Tickets or at Unity of Vancouver 

“Throughout my 45 year career as a sound healing and recording artist, people have always come up to me after concerts to tell me about the healings they received.  Each concert is a unique event, but it’s clear there is a wonderful aura of healing energy that is created in the moment.” – STEVEN HALPERN. The concert will also include a tribute to Steven’s longtime friend and master musician, Paul Horn, with whom he collaborated on their award-winning album, “Connections”.

These improvised musical meditations will anchor us in the deep theta brainwave state for a truly uplifting and memorable experience for healing body, mind and spirit. Experience the profound aura of healing energies that STEVEN HALPERN's concert's are known for.


UNITY WORKSHOP: “Harnessing the Healing Powers of Brain Balancing Music, Mindfulness and Meditation for Optimal Well-Being”

DATE: Saturday September 29th

TIME: 1:00- 4:30 pm 

TICKETS: $39 adv/$49 or at Unity of Vancouver

Through lecture and deep listening, STEVEN will demonstrate the power of healing music, brainwave entrainment, subliminal affirmations, and chakra balancing for optimal well-being, mindfulness and inner peace. STEVEN will also share stories about channeling music from higher realms in the recording studio, with practical applications that you can use as well. Steven Halpern will share teaching techniques to increase the healing benefits of music that you can take with you for the rest of your life.

Well explore the scientific evidence for sound healing as a spiritual technology, covering resonance, entrainment, intention, and music as a carrier wave of consciousness. Latest discoveries in quantum biology and epigenetics will demonstrate how we can communicate with our genes to manifest optimal health. The power of subliminal affirmations and strategies to make your own will be explored, plus a guided chakra healing meditation and other listening experiences featuring Halperns Grammy nominated Deep Alpha. His latest releases, ADHD Brain Balancing music, will be introduced as well. Attendees will be empowered to get more benefit and enjoy from the music and sounds in their lives. A special tribute to PAUL HORN, Stevens long-time friend and collaborator on Connections will also be included. Tune in to the latest discoveries and insights to train your brain and instruct your DNA with sound field epigenetics to express your highest good for body, mind and spirit.

These events are co-hosted by Banyen Books & Unity of Vancouver.

SUNDAY, SEPT. 29:  Special Guest Musician during the Sunday Service at Unity of Vancouver