Alchemy is a process of changing one substance into another, and modern chemistry comes from ancient alchemy. The book of Job is an alchemical book. Job is a man who is impacted by alchemy. He is initially well provisioned on all levels. He is rich of property and progeny, land and reputation. To all appearances, Job demonstrates a life of prosperity and good. However, as the Bible story unfolds, Job experiences a woeful pattern of effects that strips him of his identity of proud standing. His good appears to escape him, leaving him in a field of experience that is anyone’s worst nightmare. 

This story asks us to essentially ask of life, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” The book Journey of Souls chronicles actual accounts of the soul’s purpose for having often challenging human experiences while on the earth.  Dr. Michael Newton, a clinically trained psychologist and hypnotherapist, discovered during the course of his hypnotherapy work with patients that when they were brought to a certain theta brain wave frequency many of them recalled a life in between lives. Under hypnosis they related their insights as to why a soul might have periods in their lifetime experiences that could be likened to Job’s challenges. 

The journey of each of our souls may be directly mirrored to us by our conscious mind’s programming, intention, and affirmation, and the journey may additionally be an out-picturing of our soul’s record, one that spans an extended history of experience beyond the parameters of this current life. Our human life experience is a curriculum set into motion by our pre-life choices. 

A life plan such as Job’s is not what any of us would consciously choose, but the alchemical transformation that resulted brought him into greater Self- understanding and higher good. 

This class will work with the book of Job and the Journey of Souls as guides to understanding not only our own soul dynamics, but also the integration of those dynamics into day to day life.  Journey of Souls is available on or at your local bookstore.

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