“THE QUEST” with Janet Law

Janet Law teaches “THE QUEST”

Wednesday Evenings from 7:30pm – 9:00pm

The Quest is a process — a journey — which can transform your life far beyond anything that you may now envision.         
        *  Different topics discussed each week – Starting January 30th
        *  No obligation to attend all classes
        *  Meets on the main level
        *  By donation

In every human heart there exists the hope of connecting with “something more.” Tucked away deep within us, a part of us has always sought–yearned for–that connection.  The Quest opens the way for that connection.  It presents eternal truths in a contemporary and very personal way. 

Whether you are just beginning your own individual quest or desire a deeper spiritual understanding, this guidebook will lead you with warmth and practicality through the pilgrimage of your soul.  Purchase the book on Amazon.ca