Our Volunteer of the Month – FEBRUARY

For February’s Volunteer of the Month, we’re honouring Greg Freedman …

This dynamic, creative soul has been attending Unity for over 26 years, and while you may not see him volunteering in the typical day-to-day fashion within our doors, he is a foundational force for reason and good and support to all those who pause to connect.  Greg is known for, above all, truth and perspective and many seek his impressions and insights as a gauge for what is and what can be.  His laughter and sense of style inside and out are second to none and his artistic talents have graced the walls and opened our hearts.

Over the years, he has been involved in orienting new ministers, created and curated the Unity Gallery for over 4 years, curated several projects by installation artists and annually leaps in to produce, frame and hang prints for our Christmas sale.  He was involved in the still present, and soon to be revived, copper leaves project, located along the back wall of the stage on the lower level, upon which Unity members have, and will again, write their hopes and prayers, thoughts and ideas of what life and this spiritual journey is and can be.

Greg is a visionary, a seeker, a conduit for the divine and we are blessed to have him as our kindred friend and contributor.

Thank you for all you are to and for our Unity Family Greg!

. . . .
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