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Unity Sunday Talks

Bruce Kellogg – The Winged Soul

Reverend Bruce Kellogg – Fulfilling the Divine Pattern

Dane Stevens – Reclaiming Your Power

See anextraordinarylife.ca for more information

Bruce Sanguin: Evolution as Ethical Imperative

Mark Nepo
Heartwork: Being A Spirit In The World

Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan – Kabbalah Wisdom

Bruce Kellogg – Preparing The Vessel

Lalitha Thomas – Intimacy, Addiction, and the Substance of Love

Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan describes Kabbalistic Numerology

Guest speaker Reverend Bruce Sanguin talks about
Blessed Are the Pure of Heart

Guest speaker Carrie Hunter talks about
The Place Where God Lives

Guest speaker Carrie Hunter talks about
Wonderful Powerful You: a journey to remember the truth of who we are! 

Guest speaker Terrence Shea talks about
What To Do When Your Guardian Angel Goes on Strike
Includes meditation, song, and talk

Guest speaker Linda Christensen talks about
The Role of Intuition in the Human Journey

Guest speaker Dirk Terpstra talks about HeartMath and
Making the Shift Between Reacting and Creating

Guest speaker Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan talks about Kabbala and Everyday Life

Playlist of All Talks
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The playlist of Sunday talks includes:

  • Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan talks about Kabbala and Everyday Life, November 6, 2016
  • Austin Hennessey discusses the story of Noah’s Ark from the Old Testiment
  • First of a 12-part series on the Origin of Unity, September 25th 2016
  • More on Unity, October 3, 2016
  • Mary Hennessey talking about The Unseen Self as part of the Discover Your Divine Potential Series, October 16, 2016

Unity Meditations

The playlist includes:

  • Mary Hennessey Peace Meditation from September 25th, 2016
  • Mary Hennessey discussion and meditation from October 2nd, 2016

Unity Music

The Unity Music playlist includes:

  • Tom Arntzen singing “When Everything Changes”.
  • Michael Vincent, Shawn Soucy, Michael Creber, Nathen Aswell, with guest Pierre Charlesbois perform Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin On”

Unity Peace Pole Ceremony

Austin and Mary Hennessey unveil an International Peace Pole at Unity of Vancouver on Wednesday, September 21st. Guest speakers included Linda Reid, Maureen Jack-LaCroix, Reverend Raj Manar, Michael Velve, Randy Purcell, and William Keepin.

The pole says “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in eight world languages.  The embedded video is a playlist that allows you to play all clips or individual clips using the menu.

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