Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Get Growing with Unity Events

The more you know, the more you know.  We provide a broad array of interactive learning opportunities to help improve every area of your life.  Don't worry about fitting in, we were all new once.  Expect improvements in health, happiness, relationships and prosperity.


Unity Centre for Awakening

Embark upon a new form of community spiritual healing and transformational work, open to people of all sexual orientations, ethnicities, and cultural and religious backgrounds.  Developed over 27 years, the Gender Equity and Reconciliation process has been conducted with thousands of men and women on six continents, and we have consistently witnessed remarkable levels of healing and transformation between the sexes.   Gender Equity and Reconciliation creates a rare forum that builds trust and compassionate communication through a skillful combination of interactive exercises, contemplative practices, and transformative group process.  Highly participatory, this workshop is designed to be an engaging and inspired journey of individual and collective transformation.   Click 'More Information' below for details.    CLICK HERE for registration 


Unity Centre for Awakening

Join Stephen G. Post, PhD in this Saturday workshop to understand how kindness, compassion, and love heal in countless ways.  When we contribute to lives of others by kindness and helping, we discover happiness and resilience.  Each one of us is a healer when we are kind and helpful to others, and especially to those who are suffering due to illness, loss, disappointment, humiliation, rejection, or a thousand other things.  Compassion is active kindness in response to suffering, and it always heals at so many levels.    CLICK HERE for  EVENTBRITE Tickets:  $40/pp    or $50 at the Door.


Unity Centre for Awakening

Join Stephen G. Post, PhD for an EVENING OF STORYTELLING and sharing of your unique experiences of synchronicities and messages from the Divine and discover that we are all connected to nature, to God and to one another through an infinite Mind, and that the path to limitless love will find us and guide us if we are listening closely!    CLICK HERE for  EVENTBRITE Tickets:  $15/pp    or $20 at the Door.


Unity Centre for Awakening - Downstairs Community Hall

YOU’RE INVITED … Youth ages 12-16 across the city – all are welcome!   Join us for an eve of game-induced friendly competition and cooperation, pizza and a chance to meet some new folks on your own or come with a group of your friends.  RSVP required by October 10th to order pizza...  EMAIL youth@unityofvancouver.org.  See below for more details.


Unity Centre for Awakening

The path of Divine Love is intrinsically “inter-spiritual” because it transcends any one religion, yet exists at the foundation of all of them.  It has often been hidden or obscured, yet can be discerned through study and practice of mysticism in the major world religions and spiritual traditions. The path of Love also reawakens long-repressed feminine aspects of the human and the Divine which have been denied or underemphasized by patriarchal religion for millennia. This course explores the path of Divine Love, and the spiritual practices and practical inspirations from male and female mystics who help us walk this path in our own lives.  CLICK HERE for email registration.


Unity Centre for Awakening

Begin your week in the silent refuge and peace of meditation.    Join Rev. Cynthia Brix and Dr. Will Keepin each Monday morning at 7:30am.    

THE QUEST with Janet Law

Unity Centre for Awakening

In every human heart there exists the hope of connecting with "something more."  Tucked away deep within us, a part of us has always sought--yearned for--that connection.  The Quest opens the way for that connection.  Taught by Janet Law, this series of  ‘4 WEEKS ON - 2 WEEKS OFF’ sessions will allow you to deepen your awareness of the world around you.  As we all become renewed and revitalized by the “Field of our Soul,” we accumulate Divine Energy which multiples in our lives and the lives of others.      >>  SEPT 25 - POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD <<


Unity Spiritual Centre

A Course in Miracles is designed to lead us through a series of lessons, observations and practices to change our thinking and view of who we are, from perceptions through the eye of the ego, to deeper knowledge and understanding of ourselves as spiritual beings not separate from God or Source.  Join thousands of Course groups world-wide for this spiritually expansive study, and share your insights with Unity friends in a supportive environment.  By donation.