A Positive Path to Spiritual Growth

Unity of Vancouver warmly welcomes all people, all faiths, and all lifestyles, providing a supportive community where like-minded people can deepen their spiritual connection and enrich their lives.

Welcome to Unity of Vancouver

Accelerate your spiritual growth through our regular wisdom talks and meditations, modern spiritual classes, and no-pressure social and special events. Continually renew your mind and transform your Spirit in the ways that most call to you.

Sunday Gatherings

Be uplifted and inspired by our weekly spiritual wisdom talks. You can ask questions and even discuss the talk at length in optional small breakout groups.

Mid-Week Classes

Explore spiritual concepts in depth using popular books as a guiding framework. Some of our member’s greatest aha moments come from these small groups.

A Course In Miracles

Fully integrate the advanced principles within this timeless metaphysical text. Groups include both beginner and advanced students and all are warmly welcomed.

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New to Unity of Vancouver?

Unity is a community of people who are spiritual but not exclusively committed to a specific denomination. We learn from all the world’s wisdom traditions and believe that what Spirit is saying now may be just as important than anything written in the past.  At Unity you'll connect with like-minded people using direct spiritual experience to lead happier, healthier, and more prosperous lives.


Prayer is foundational to Unity's core teachings. Our Prayer Chaplains are committed to lovingly supporting you in prayer through our Sunday gatherings, along with our prayer requests and prayer calls. We invite you to tap into the shared power of prayer and our ongoing prayer services anytime.


Unity is not only committed to making the world a better place, we are succeeding! Learn how we improved the lives of  over 7,000 people by helping The Hunger Project establish the Osonson Epicentre in Ghana, Africa.