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This Sunday, Nov. 29 at 11 a.m.

Musical Preludes begin at 10:50 a.m. with musical guest: Karen Drucker and Beverley Elliott

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There is a well-known expression that says “ Whatever you resist - persists.” So how do we deal with something that is not what we want and not have it persist? How can we make it go away, or how can we just get through it fast?

What if the key is simply to just let it be and stop trying to change it? With songs, and stories, we will look at how being mindful, breathing, acknowledging, telling the truth about how we feel, and just allowing it to be, can actually help us get through a situation or at least hang on until it passes!

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New to Unity?

Curious what it's all about? Attending a Sunday Gathering online (during Covid), or a weeknight online class will give you a feel for the modern non-dogmatic approach we take to spiritual connection and growth. 

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Starting this Wednesday Evening

A online course with master teacher Brother Bob Trask

Based on Dr. Joe Dispenza's N.Y. Times bestselling book. 

Join Us Wednesday November 18th at 7 p.m.

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Featured Book:

You Are the Placebo

by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a scientist, spiritual master and bestselling author. His latest book, You Are the Placebo is filled with miracle stories and scientific evidence that your mind can and will heal your body. In this seminar, led by internationally acclaimed thinker and author, Bob Trask, we follow Dr. Joe’s book as we each discover the healing power of our minds and use that power to create younger, more robust, and healthier lives.

Next four-week series begins Wednesday, November 18th—from 7-9 pm

This is a transformational 12-week course delivered via 3—4-week series, with 2 week breaks between each series.

Don't miss this incredible growth opportunity.

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This course serves people who are called into spiritual service and activism.  It is important to take time to step back from the front lines -- to tap our inner wellsprings, listen for genuine inspiration, and connect with each other in supportive communities of commitment and practice.  Such inner work is essential to optimize our outer service work and practice of engaged spirituality.

In facilitating inner work with social change leaders over the years, we developed a set of guidelines called “Principles of Spiritual Activism” to support the practice of engaged spirituality. These 13 principles were specifically developed for leaders and activists working in the field of social change and innovation who wish to bring greater love and wisdom into their daily service work. These principles have been adopted by several social change initiatives, including the Awakening the Dreamer series of trainings for activists.  

This course includes:
introduction to 13 principles of spiritual activism
contemplative meditation and prayer practices;
interactive activities that nourish and reconnect, 
and prevent burnout; wisdom practices to support social change leaders and spiritual activists.

A life-changing weekend workshop
Presented by Unity of Vancouver
and Gender Equity and Reconciliation International

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Join ministers, Rev. Cynthia Brix and Dr. Will Keepin for this highly experiential, immersive online course.
Step into this innovative forum, awaken deeper empathy and understanding & begin to discover practical pathways towards healing & transforming relationships - together coming into higher levels of consciousness.
• Engage in a safe forum to share openly around the sensitive and often taboo issues of gender and sexuality
• Practice and experience deep truth-telling, acknowledgment, and listening in relation to what has shaped you as a man, woman, or person of any gender
• Discover new ways and possibilities in relationships—imbued with mutual appreciation, compassion, and trust. 

Tuition: $295 (CAD)  Limited scholarships available. 

For more information, please send your questions to or leave us a voicemail at 604.266.6281 and we will call you back within 24 hours.

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Meditation and Prayerful Reflection
Creating an Inner Net of the Heart 
Monday thru Saturday, live-online, we gather for quiet reflection, silent meditation and prayerful connection.  

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