Annual General Meeting

The Board of Directors has scheduled this year’s Annual General Meeting for Sunday, November 11th, 2018.

New Societies Act Requires New Bylaws

New legislation came into effect on November 28, 2016 which governs how not-for-profit societies are run in B.C. One of its requirements is that the society’s bylaws be in complete compliance with all new regulations. We have asked our lawyers to make the required adjustments to our bylaws to assure we remain in good standing, and you will be asked to vote them into effect on November 11th.

Complete details regarding the new regulatory requirements can be found at:

You may download and read the text of the new bylaws by clicking here: Constitution and Bylaws Unity Vancouver – October 26 2018 (01138976xD377F)

Therefore, please be advised the following Special Resolution will be put to a vote at the 2018 AGM:



A. The Society wishes to update its bylaws in order to be compliant with the Societies Act, SBC 2015, c. 18; and

B. The Society must complete the transition application process in order to become compliant with the Societies Act, SBC 2015, C. 18.


1. The previous bylaws are rescinded, and the bylaws dated for reference as effective November 11, 2018 are adopted; and

2. Heather Sadler Jenkins LLP will complete the transition application on behalf of the Society.


We are also pleased to announce that there will be a New Member Orientation following service on Sunday November 4th. Regardless as to how long you have been coming, we would like to invite you to join. Become a member and have a say on how Unity serves its community. You must be a member to vote on issues being presented at the AGM. We look forward to welcoming you.