Leaving a legacy 

Unity’s Legacy Program enables congregants and friends of Unity to help us build and maintain our long-term mission and prosperity. 

There are a number of ways to plan your response to God’s generosity through both present and deferred gifts. Your gifts will provide you with a sense of deep satisfaction and knowing that they will make a very real difference in the lives of thousands of people. When you make a planned gift, you open yourself to receiving the spiritual gift of peace of Mind.

Your legacy gift helps to provide Unity of Vancouver with a sustainable resource that will be used to enhance our community now and in the future. Remember Unity of Vancouver in your will, along with loved ones and others who have given your life meaning. This is one of the simplest and most flexible ways to create a lasting legacy.

You can make a larger gift than you might expect possible by naming Unity of Vancouver as the owner and beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. By donating a life insurance policy, you can make a substantial gift to a ministry of your choice within Unity of Vancouver. This type of gift may provide immediate tax benefits to you, as well as tax relief for your estate. Consult your accountant to determine how this affects you.

Building your legacy through the ministries of Unity of Vancouver is an act of stewardship; a means to ensure that your commitment to good works continues well into the future. There are many ways to give. Besides wills, life insurance, and securities, you may also choose to donate a retirement fund. Or you may wish to use assets to complete an outright gift of cash or to establish an endowment in your name or that of a loved one.

Disclaimer: There are numerous options for legacy gifts. We encourage you to consult with your legal and financial advisors to consider all the relevant issues and income tax provisions.Let’s connect Our legal name is “Unity of Vancouver”Unity Centre of Practical Christianity