Rev. Bob Trask

Bob is a spiritual philosopher, an internationally renowned author, and metaphysical self-help teacher. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Bob has been a pioneer of the New Age movement for over forty years. 

He is the author of the books “Living Free,” “Romancing The Soul,” “God’s Phone Number,” “The Trask Triangle” and is the founder of the ARAS Foundation. Now, Bob continues to empower and uplift others through his weekly wisdom talks at Unity of Vancouver.

In his many years as a coach and trainer, Bob has worked with clients ranging from celebrities, Fortune 500 companies to ordinary people looking for full lives and the courage to go after their dreams. Bob’s style is personal, poignant, and entertaining, which helps to expand the consciousness of his listeners in a fun and positive way.

For those in need of guidance and support, Rev. Bob is available for spiritual counselling sessions on a limited basis

Board of Directors

The Unity of Vancouver Board of Directors is a body of appointed members who oversee the breadth of the Centre’s activities and work to develop strategies to fulfill our mission. They are committed to the Unity community and to the spiritual growth of the congregation.

Our 2021 Board Members are:  

  • Terry Collette (Secretary)
  • Marian Dyck 
  • Janet Law
  • Roy Prevost (Vice-President)
  • Randy Purcell (President)
  • Michael Richards (Treasurer)
  • Rev. Bob Trask
  • Lucianna Velve

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