Prayer is the foundation of Unity. It is our link to God and unleashes a miracle-working power within and around us that produces real change in our lives.

Unity of Vancouver is committed to lovingly supporting and uplifting you in prayer, whenever and however you need it.

We teach and practice prayer as a means to connect with Spirit, access and express our soul powers within, seek guidance and manifest the best Life has to offer.

We pray not to change or affect God, rather to change ourselves. To shift our awareness away from worry, fear and limited perceptions to aligning with our divinity, possibilities and a new way of being.

Prayer support

Our Prayer Chaplains are available every Sunday after the service to pray with you online. If you are experiencing a life challenge, or are concerned about a loved one, or are working on a creative project, we invite you to tap into the power of shared prayer.

Simply use the Zoom option to login to the Sunday service and stay online at the conclusion. You will be guided into a private prayer room. All prayers are held in confidentiality.

Submit a prayer request

We invite you to submit a prayer request through the form below and our Silent Prayer team will pray daily for your request for 30 days. As well, your prayer will be sent to Silent Unity, our worldwide prayer ministry in Unity Village, Missouri where it is held in prayer 24 hours a day for 30 days.