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 Reconnect to Your Spirit Through a Spiritual Counselling Session with Rev. Bob Trask

Receive guidance, wise counsel, and personalized spiritual direction

Lost On the Path and Can't Get Ahead?

Spiritual Counselling

We've all been there. Maybe you've been experiencing road blocks on the spiritual path that you can't seem to get around. Or there's destructive patterns or recurring situations that you just can't seem to escape.

Regardless your situation, when it comes to this lifetime you know that there has to be more to life than this, because you've always been curious and spiritually hungry. But perhaps overtime, you've felt increasingly lost. Or maybe strayed off the path entirely...

Answer the Call of Spirit to Live Your Best Life

Regardless of where you are on the journey, spirit has been calling you. Whether that's been through your feelings of emptiness, or through the stressful life events that seem to conspire against you, spirit has been calling you ...

But are you ready to listen? And are you ready to live a more expansive, joyful life than you ever thought possible?

Remembering Who You Really Are  

Hi, I'm Reverend Bob Trask. And I want you to know that, no matter where you are, you can find peace and contentment and balance right now, in this very moment, just as you are. 

You see, the reason why so many people feel stuck, just like you, is that they forget that they are divine, eternal, and sacred spiritual beings. 

Most importantly, they forget how cared for, loved, watched over, and protected they are — especially during the times when they feel most alone. 

Receive guidance, wise counsel, and personalized spiritual direction to help you reconnect to your spiritual path

Unity of Vancouver is Here for You to Help Bring Your Spiritual Path to Life

You see while many people may be on the spiritual path, most are missing the key ingredients that help them advance as far as they can.


The fact is, we need more than spiritual concepts to reach a higher state of consciousness.

Like the Buddha once said, the three essentials for spiritual enlightenment are the teachings, the teacher, and the community.

When all three are in place, these forces can accelerate our spiritual awakening much more quickly than solitary study ever could. We also make less mistakes along the way and can find a community of like-minds who can lift us up and accelerate our spiritual growth.

Discover the Teacher and Teachings of Unity Vancouver Through A Complimentary Spiritual Counselling Session With Reverend Bob Trask

Regain Your Spiritual Momentum

Receive guidance, wise counsel, and personalized spiritual direction to help you reconnect to your spiritual path

How It Works

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Reach out to us to book your 45 min session with Bob. Because just one conversation with a wise spiritual teacher is worth more than hours of study.

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Receive actionable advice regarding your specific situation that you can apply to your life, regardless of whether or not you join our spiritual community.

Learn How To Get Involved

Become supported by a group of like-minded seekers as you reconnect to your spiritual path through becoming more involved in our community.

Meet Reverend Bob Trask

Bob is a spiritual philosopher, an internationally renowned author, and self-help teacher. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Bob has been a pioneer of the New Age movement for over forty years and continues to empower and uplift through his weekly talks and classes at Unity of Vancouver.

He is the author of the books “Living Free,” “Romancing The Soul,” “God’s Phone Number,” “The Trask Triangle” and is the founder of the ARAS Foundation. Now, Bob continues to empower and uplift others through his weekly wisdom talks at Unity of Vancouver.

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Refocus On Your Awakening With a Spiritual Counselling Session with Rev. Bob Trask