Unity 101

Unity 101

The Foundational Course in Modern, Practical Spirituality, based on the spiritual classic by Eric Butterworth.

DiscoverThis is the Unity foundational course, but don’t let the name fool you. Unity 101 covers powerful concepts and can be extremely transformative for beginning and intermediate spiritual seekers.

Based on Emily Cady’s classic treatise, Lessons in Truth, Unity 101 covers:

– What is a human being?
– What is metaphysics?
– What is mystical Christianity?
– Why Unity believes in One God, but many paths.
– Why developing your own spiritual connection and understanding is the single most important thing you can do.
– Do wisdom traditions provide clues on how to think more powerfully?
– What is the law of attraction and how does it work?
– What are denials?
– What are affirmations?
– Is positive thinking good or bad?
– What is faith?
– What about the ego?
– What about meditation?
– What is the secret place of the most high? How do you find it?
– Finding and cultivating your spiritual gifts
– The lifelong path to unity of man and spirit
– The joy of a thousand awakenings

If you are new to the spiritual path and metaphysics, this course will change your life.

Every Wednesday night for eight weeks beginning  (to be announced).